Best Avast programs and apps to use for free

February 3, 2018
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In addition to the famous antivirus the company Avast offers many free tools to be used on PCs and smartphones, we find out what they are.

Avast reminds the majority of users of the free antivirus par excellence, in an era where the alternatives were few and not always up to par.

In the good old days it was in fact a two-way challenge between Avast and Avira, with a battle of scan engines able to block any threat and any dangerous virus.

Now things have changed, there are many free antiviruses to choose from (one of which even already integrated into Windows) but Avast is still one of the best antivirus solutions for those who want to protect their PC.

In addition to the antivirus, however, this company also offers numerous tools and free programs related to computer security and designed to increase the productivity of users;the best Avast programs to use for free on Windows PCs and apps for Android and iPhone.

1) Avast Antivirus: We could not leave the free antivirus , the company’s real strength! This antivirus integrates perfectly into Windows 10, is able to block a large number of threats and prevent infections from the browser, email and other devices on the network.

On Avast Antivirus for Windows PC we talked in a dedicated article If instead we look for the smartphone antivirus you can use free Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus (Android).

2) Avast SecureLine VPN: With this program we will be able to obtain a secure and effective VPN connection, so as to protect our navigation and change IP in case of difficulty in accessing some services.

The servers of this VPN are fast, we will not even notice that we are under an encrypted connection!

We can download this program for PC or Mac (free trial for 7 days) from here -> Avast SecureLine VPN (Windows) and Avast SecureLine VPN (Mac)

If instead we intend to protect the connection on mobile devices will be enough to use one of the links here -> Avast SecureLine VPN (Android) and Avast SecureLine VPN (iOS).

3) Avast Browser Cleanup: Our browser is full of crap or on the PC open without windows advertising windows?

In this case it is advisable to clean the browser with a program like Avast Browser Cleanup.

Using this program we will automatically remove the dangerous components installed on the browser (extensions, search bars, plugins etc.), we will restore the browser’s default search engine and return the latter as fast and snappy as just installed.

The program is compatible with Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

4) Avast Passwords: We do not know where to save all access passwords to websites?

We can save them online in a safe and secure space thanks to Avast Passwords, an online password management system able to save all the credentials and to reuse them automatically as soon as we access the site again.

The credentials are protected by a single password, necessary to access the “safe”; we will only have to remember this password from now on to conserve and reuse the login credentials to our favorite sites.

We can download Avast Passwords for PC and Mac from here -> Avast Passwords (PC) and Avast Passwords (Mac).

If, on the other hand, we intend to reuse saved passwords on mobile devices, we can download the free apps from here -> Avast Passwords (Android) and Avast Passwords (iOS).

5) Avast Cleanup: Our Android smartphone slows down every day more and the space runs out quickly?

In this case we can get help from the Avast Cleanup cleaning app, which can eliminate unnecessary files, temporary files generated by browsers and updates, gallery previews, installation files and any other kind of files that it could slow down the Android smartphone.

The app also allows you to view the large files on the device so as to choose whether to keep them or recover space by saving them on the cloud.

6) Avast Wi-Fi Finder: With this mobile app, we will be able to quickly and easily look for new WiFi access points available in the city to which we can connect securely.

The app presents a sort of map of hotspots with a general assessment of the degree of security offered, so we can connect only to secure networks reported by the app and avoid instead of running any risk for security and privacy by connecting to insecure networks or worse still dangerous.

7) Avast SecureMe Do we own: an Apple smartphone or tablet (iPhone or iPad) and want to get additional information on the WiFi network to which we connect?

The right app is Avast SecureMe, which analyzes the WiFi network to which we connect to the search for security issues and vulnerabilities for the privacy and integrity of the iPhone.

8) Avast Battery Saver: If our battery on Android lasts very little, we can use an energy manager like Avast Battery Saver.

With this app installed we will be able to save up to 20% more battery and finally arrive until the evening on a single charge.

9) Avast Photo Space: The space on the iPhone is sold out and we can not expand the space on iCloud?

In this case we can easily free the internal memory of the iPhone using the Avast Photo Space cloud service, able to save photos and images in the gallery in a secure cloud space.

10) Avast Call Block: The latest app to report is one of the most interesting, especially if you own an Apple smartphone.

With the Avast Blocking app, we will be able to block unwanted calls from call centers or pay-as-you-go numbers automatically.

The app is still beta and therefore may still not work properly in some scenarios, in any case we can apply to try the free beta

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