Storage Solutions All Flash

It’s not long since Flash Storage was only considered for performance hungry requirements like databases, analytics and trading applications.

Today Enterprises consider Flash for reasons such as

  • 500 times better response times than disks.
  • Reliable than HDDs by factors.
  • Space Efficiency.
  • Eco-Friendlier technology by providing higher density and consuming dramatically less energy for power and cooling than traditional drives.

We work with Fujitsu Technology Solutions on their Eternus AF Storage systems.

Why does the ETERNUS AF stand out?

1. Enjoy Full Speed

  • Ultra-fast response time
  • 5x More IOPS
  • 21 GB/s Throughput

3. Enjoy the flash diet

  • Flexible Use of deduplication & compression:
    On for capacity optimization,
    Off for performance SLAs.
  • Data reduction makes all-flash more attractive.
    -in average effective capacity increase of factor 5
  • Increase life span for flash.

2. Enjoy Data Insurance

  • Full disaster recovery with mirroring, and transparent failover
  • Storage cluster possible between different ETERNUS flash and disk models.

4. Enjoy Simple Operations

  • Automated quality of service
    – reserves performance and Efficiency needs.
    – Minimize admin work
  • Guarantees SLAs

We also provide 100% Data Availability solutions for our customers for their Databases or their Virtual Environments with Fujitsu All Flash Storage Solutions. This solution is much more cost efficient than storage virtualization. We ensure Business Continuity during any kind of outage.

To know more on how we provide a cost effective 100% Data Availability Solution, please get in touch with us at TOLL FREE- 600 544 549