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January 9, 2018
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Cloud Services in Dubai

With time and technological advancement digital environment has changed drastically. Cloud computing or cloud services have become a new reality in today’s business world. There was a time when every business had to invest a tremendous amount of money to build an IT infrastructure. Cloud computing provided a solution which reduced the cost, eliminated duplicated effort and downsized staff requirements.

Cloud Services in Dubai

It offers on-demand solutions which any business or organization can customize to achieve what they have planned for while purchasing. From file sharing services or email setup to data-backup solutions, you can manage your business by just paying a monthly fee. Following are the befits which any organization can fetch from cloud computing.

  • Reduced investment
  • Ample storage space
  • Easy automation
  • Fantastic flexibility
  • More mobility
  • Privacy and security
  • Affordability

It has offered freedom from maintenance, high investments, and issues which comes during the set up of the department.

In Dubai, organizations have already started to move there business to digital clouds as it is clear that in future, to have the edge over competitors is essential. It has presented a reliable solution which has helped companies turn into a more productive and efficient business. Following are the options which any service provider in cloud computing can offer you.

  • Public Cloud Hosting Services
  • Private Cloud Hosting Services
  • Customized Dedicated Hosting Services
  • Hybrid Cloud Hosting Services
  • Dedicated Fixed Cloud Servers

By accepting clouding computing, you not only get economies of scale but also safety from the threats which any enterprise can face in the form of theft or other security problems.

This shift is growing tremendously in the Middle East. A research was conducted by a think tank called Gartner. It is an industry think tank which found that public cloud services in the Middle East and North Africa (M.E.N.A) region will reach and a mark of $1.2 billion in 2017. After calculations, it was drawn that the industries will experience 22 percent increase in acceptance for cloud computing alone in the M.E.N.A region.

Now it is normal for users to think why one should go for cloud solutions. Our environment in which we work has changed completely. With a new type of threats and vulnerabilities, business requires a security system which can help safe guard the future of a company. Cloud services like disaster recovery (DRaaS) and backup provide you the safety from various problems which can halt your work to a great extent.

A managed cloud service is a convenient, budget-friendly and robust solution which has enhanced the IT capability of any multinational without any significant investment in their own  IT department. Cloud services have plenty of encryption, data division, and other security measures which can ensure you the full security of data. When you contemplate the choices amongst going for cloud computing or not you should always weigh the pros and cons of the services. But most companies can realize excellent advantages by using either a partial or full cloud environment to save money and increase convenience.

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