Guide to Malwarebytes Anti-malware, best program against viruses infections

March 3, 2018
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Review, download and guide of the program MalwareBytes Anti-malware, free and in Dubai UAE, essential for Windows PC

After having repeatedly mentioned in many articles of the security section of this blog, especially in the guide to remove malware and viruses , I think it is also appropriate to provide a guide to the use of what is considered the best and most effective program to disinfect a computer Windows and remove any malware or viruses that hit it.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware , also known as MBAM is the most powerful free program to check and clean the PC from viruses after being hit.

Although often its use is effective after a small preparation (see the guide on what to do if your computer has been hit by a virus), Malware Bytes is a simple program, light, effective and also quite fast.

It is updated several times a day, integrates a boot system that allows it to not get blocked by the virus and is able to remove any malware it finds, completely free and without limitations.

After downloading Malware Bytes Anti-Malware, double-click on the downloaded installation file (mbam-setup.exe) and follow the wizard.

Mbam works on any version of Windows , including Windows 8, and is compatible with other anti viruses installed on your computer.

At the first start it is necessary to proceed with the update of the program to obtain the protection against the most recent viruses.

The main window of Malwarebytes, all written in English, opens on the tab of the Scan which is the most important and has only three options:

Quick scan (it’s a quick check)

Full scan(in-depth control very slow)

Flash scan (ultra fast control only not possible in the free version of MBAM).

If you only suspect your computer is infected with a virus, or if you want to do a random check, the quick scan is more than enough.

In rare cases, if the PC has been saved from a serious infection brought by a malware, then you can do the full scan, which can take several hours and is very slow.

If you want to make the complete scan a little faster , you can open the Ignore section and add some folders that certainly do not contain any viruses, such as, for example, the one where the holiday photos or music are stored.

At the end of the scan you get a report indicating if malware has been found.

The program will also open a text file, the scan log, with all the information of what has been done.

In case of detected infection, Malwarebytes removes them and adds the removed quarantined objects, isolating them from the rest of Windows.

During infection removal, Mbam may ask you to restart your computer to perform full cleanup.

MalwareBytes in the free version allows you to update the program automatically and manually.

For a complete protection it is necessary that before a scan the database is updated so it is always the jar to press the update search button to be sure.

Malwarebytes Anti- rootkits Malware can be used for free when needed, without paying for it and free forever .

However, it is not an antivirus with real-time protection, so it is necessary that an anti-virus program with real-time protection is also installed on the computer (not needed inWindows 8 that already has the Windows Defender antivirus ).

If you want to use MBAM with real-time protection, then you need to buy the full version of the program by pressing the Buy button on the main interface.

It is not for advertising but, unlike many other antiviruses, MalwareBytes Antimalware costs a little: € 27 a single time, and the license is valid forever on the computer, without having to renew it every year.

With the full version you can schedule the scans automatically, scan the flash, activate the protection in real time and set a password for access.

This is one of the indispensable programs for a Windows PCso you should always keep it installed, even in the free version, to make occasional checks or to remove viruses and malware even when they seem to block everything and when the only solution seems to be to format and reinstall Windows.

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