The HP Designjet 500 Plus is a large format roller printer that is used to print large documents. When you print your items using it, you will notice the outstanding lines and borders including fantastic image quality. 

It also has a one-click printing facility and the printer comes at a great price. The printer is quite ideal for technical drawings and has high impact graphics. 

We are here to provide you all the necessary information like driver download and installation procedures. You just need to focus on all the sections that are given below. 

Driver Download Process for HP DesignJet 500 Plus Printer 

Let’s discuss the steps to download drivers for your printer in Windows and Macintosh Operating Systems in detail. 

Printer Drivers for Windows 

If you are using Windows Operating System, then this process will assist you to download the drivers for your HP Designjet 500 printer. 

  • Open the default browser (IE or Edge)  on your computer and go to the HP support page by typing the address in the URL bar. 
  • From the list or grid of categories, select the “Printers” and a new page will open in front of you. You can see a blank box present there. So, type the model number of your printer and click on the “Submit” tab. 
  • After that, a pop-up message or dialog box will appear on your display asking you to select the Operating System. Choose the OS that you are using along with the bit version and press Enter. 
  • Thereafter, the support page will take you to the Downloads window where you can find all the necessary drivers for your printer. 
  • Download all the drivers and the file will be saved in the default Downloads directory on your computer. 

The executable files for Windows will be in the .exe file format. These drivers will help you to use all the features of your printer. 

Printer Drivers for Macintosh 

When you are using the Macintosh Operating System, the download process is quite the same as Windows. But before downloading the drivers, there are a few things that you must keep in mind. 

When the pop-up message appears, asking to choose the Operating System, you must enter the name of your Macintosh OS along with its version number. Besides, the executable file extension for Mac is in .dmg format. Whereas the default download directory is exactly the same as Windows. 

Installation of Drivers in the HP DesignJet 500 Plus Printer

After downloading the drivers, you need to install them to run your printer. Before that, you must check whether you got any driver disc along with your printer. Now follow the steps to install the printer in Windows and Macintosh Operating Systems. 

On Windows 

Here are the steps for driver installation in Windows for your HP Designjet 500 Plus Printer. 

  • Unwrap the installer package and insert the disc in your computer’s DVD/CD drive. Wait for some time until the Autoplay dialog box is visible on your screen.
  • Now follow all the prompt messages and set the target location to install the drivers. 
  • If you don’t have any driver disc, then you have to download the drivers from the official download page of HP. The downloading procedure is given above.
  • Open the Downloads folder on your computer and double-click on the executable files to install them. 
  • You must install the applications one at a time. After the successful installation of all the files, restart your computer to save these changes. 

Note: Before installing the drivers with a driver disc, make sure your device is connected to your printer wirelessly or via a USB cable. 

On Macintosh

Before installing the drivers on Mac, you must add the printer to your computer. After that, the installation process of the printer drivers from the disc or manually is all the same. 

While using the driver disc, you must wait for some time until the setup files completely load on your Mac PC. You must eject the driver disc only when the entire installation procedure is complete. 

Frequent Problems in HP DesignJet 500 Plus Printer and its Solutions

You can get high-quality printouts from the printer if the installation is correct. But, you may also come across the situation when your printer exhibit certain problems. Here are the few common problems that you must resolve when you use the HP Designjet 500 Plus printer. 

  • Paper incompatibility issues
  • System error 21:10
  • Problems in printing PDF files
  • Driver installation problems
  • Issues in repetitive ink cartridge messages
  • Problems in repetitive printhead error messages

Now, let us dive into the solutions which will be helpful for you to overcome these printer issues. 

Fix Paper Incompatibility Issues

When you load papers in the paper input tray, it might not be compatible with the printer. So you must know the specific size of the paper that you should insert in your device by going through the print settings. 

If you ignore the incompatibility message and keep on printing, then the margins of the output might not be perfect at all. 

To know the specific paper size, you need to follow the steps that are given below. 

  • Open the printer wizard and select “Print”. Before that, make sure that you have selected the name of your printer. 
  • When the print dialog box appears, you will be able to see the recommended paper size and page type given in the device. 
  • Take out the incompatible papers and insert a new bunch of papers according to the instructions given by the machine itself. 
  • If the print dialog box doesn’t open, then click to open the “Properties” option. 

The Properties section might vary as per the printer’s software version that you are using. So, it can be present in the form of More settings, Options, and other labels.

Resolve System Error 21:10

When your printer displays the system error 21:10, then you must troubleshoot it at once. The error generally refers to the issues in the Service Station. Now, follow the steps that will help you to resolve it. 

  • Turn off your printer and detach the power cable from the printer. After that, open the top cover and move the carriage to the left. 
  • Verify and check whether you can find any signs of interference. If anything is present there, remove it. 
  • If not, then check whether the carriage belt is in working condition. Thereafter, clean the carriage rod with synthetic oil. 
  • Check all the trailing cables and make sure that they are moving freely along with the carriage. Now clean the encoder-strip with a thin piece of cloth. 
  • After that, eliminate all the printheads temporarily and then reinstall them after some time. 
  • Connect the power cord to the printer and turn it on. 

Now continue working with your printer and see whether the error message still persists. If it is there, you can check the next solutions to proceed forward. 

Eliminate the Problems in Printing PDF Files

When you have your documents in Portable Document File (PDF) format and facing some problems, then you must fix it as soon as possible. Generally, the error occurs when you are trying to print any large document at a high resolution. 

The problem might also occur when some printer files are missing from your Acrobat software or Operating System. Besides, your HP Designjet 500 Plus printer won’t print PDF files if there are issues in optimization, high Max details, and other set parameters. To fix the issue, you need to go through the steps that are given below. 

  • Try to decrease the printing mode to 300 dpi (dots per inch) as high resolutions always work at 600 dpi. 
  • Set the Zoom Smart Scaling in the printer driver to 100%. 

Resolve Driver Installation Problems

The HP Designjet 500 Plus printer can come across certain problems that are linked with the drivers specifically. Here are the solutions by which you can resolve it. 

Remove your printer from the “Devices and Printers”

Removing the icon of your printer from your system can often fix the issue. Here are the steps that will help you to try this hack. 

  • If your printer is active in your computer with the help of a USB cable, disconnect it.
  • Now turn off the device and wait for some time. Then switch it on and wait until the printer enters into its ready state. 
  • Open the Control Panel of your computer and click on the “Devices and Printers”. 
  • You will see the icon and the name of your printer on this list. Click on it and choose the “Remove Device” option. 

If more than one printer icons are present, remove them all and restart your computer. After that add your printer to your system and we hope that it will solve your issue. If not, then proceed to the next fix.

Fix Printer Driver Errors with Windows Update

Updating your Windows Operating System will automatically download the latest version of drivers along with the other necessary components. To set automatic Windows Update, open the run dialog box and type “Change device installation settings”. 

After some time a new window will open and you will see two options with radio buttons. Click on “Yes (recommended)” and save these changes. 

But, make sure that you are active in your computer as an Administrator. Only then you will be able to save the changes you have made.  Also, ensure that you have connected the printer to your computer during the Windows Update. 

Troubleshoot Repetitive Ink Cartridge Messages

When there are some issues in your ink cartridges, you will see certain error messages on your printer display frequently. This type of error takes place when your cartridge is empty, the ink cartridge is expired, error in printing heads, and many more. 

Here are the solutions that will help you to resolve the error. 

  • When you see “The ink cartridge has failed” message, you must replace the ink cartridge with a new one. 
  • If this message continues to bother you, then switch off the printer and clean all the electrical contacts. You will find these contacts in the ink supply station. 

In case you find the message still persists, then replace the ink cartridge with a new unit. 

Eliminate the Problems in Repetitive Printhead Error Messages

When you are receiving a printhead error message continuously, then you must take some immediate steps to fix it. The steps are as follows. 

  • You must replace the print head with a new one. When you still face the message, choose to highlight the menu that is present in the ink system (ink drops icons) and press the Enter key.
  • After that, select the “Replace printheads” and once again press Enter. When you can access the carriage of the printer, turn off your device by unplugging the power cable. 
  • Take out all the printing heads one by one and clean all the electrical contacts inside the carriage. 
  • Keep the carriage open for some time and let the electrical contacts dry out. Then attach the printheads back to their respective slots. 
  • Reinstall the carriage, close the top cover and then turn on your printer.

If the problem remains the same, then repeat the entire process and print a test page on HP Designjet 500 Plus. 

Instant HP DesignJet 500 Plus Support

We hope that you have gone through all the technical details about this HP printer that are given above. If none of them works, you can pick up your phone and just dial us at our toll-free number [ ]. We have an excellent team of experts who will try to eliminate the problems you are facing with the HP Designjet 500 Plus printer. 


  1. Do you Need to Replace Printheads in the HP Designjet 500 Plus Printer?

Ans: Printheads are built-in within some of the printer models or it can also be inside the cartridge section. If it is attached to the device’s hardware, you may have to replace the entire machine in case it is defective. But, if it is inside the cartridge section, then you need to replace this unit and not the printer. 

      2. How Long Does a Printhead Last?

Ans: Almost all HP printheads have an expiry date. The time span is near about one, one and a half or two years from the date of manufacture. So, it mainly depends upon the model of the plotter. When your printhead is out of date, it cannot assure you a good-quality printing.