Internet connection sharing (ICS) with wireless router

January 6, 2018
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I’ve been buying a wireless router for a few weeks to access the Internet and computer files ( I have two computers ) anywhere in the house. The problem arose when it was necessary to share the Internet connection: the router I bought, the Netgear WTG624, allows to share an ADSL connection to the Internet by itself, as it has an ADSL modem.

As you know, however, I do not have ADSL, but a 56kbps analog connection, and you can not use the router directly to spread the Internet connection, so I created a structure like this:

The only way to share a 56kbps connection with a wireless router is to connect a computer (which I will call a desktop computer ) to the Internet and keep it switched on to make the other PCs wirelessly connect to the Internet.

Settings in the router

As for the router, access its settings and disable the automatic assignment of IP addresses ( DHCP ) and change the router’s IP address to . To understand how to do this, consult your router’s manual as the procedure changes from router to router

Fixed computer with Internet connection

Go to Start / Connect to / Show all connections and select the Internet connection with the right mouse button, then clicking on the Properties item . Navigate to the Advanced tab and select the option Allow other users on the network to connect via this computer’s Internet connection .

Remember to select the local network to connect to the Internet in the homenetwork connection. If we connected our computer to the router via a network cable, select Local Area Connection (LAN) , but if the fixed computer is connected via wireless, select Wireless Network Connection .

We confirm the whole by clicking OK and then on Yes .



Still in the management of Internet connections, we select the one relative to the local network to which to spread the Internet connection via the right mouse button and, as usual, we go to the Properties . In the new screen, in the box The connection uses the following components: double-click on Internet Protocol (TCP / IP) and set this screen as follows :


Computers that connect to the Internet via wireless.

In the computers that will connect to the Internet wirelessly, using the shared connection from the desktop computer, let’s go to the properties of the connection to the local network and set it as follows:


Where 3 , we put a number that goes from 3 up for each computer used, since the IP has been occupied by the router.


The problem of this structure to spread an Internet connection is to keep the computer fixed and connected to the Internet to ensure that the other PC can access the Internet.

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