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Installation IP Phone – PBX Systems in Dubai

Installation of IP Telephony System / Telephone / PABX Systems. Our services includes IP Telephony, Call Recording Setup, Call Monitoring Set up, Multi branch connectivity, Voicemail, Voice interactive response.


Maintenance Service of IP PBX Systems in Dubai

IP PBX is an abbreviation for “internet protocol” and “private branch exchange telephone switching system’. In the contemporary world, it has become a vital part of any business organization. But issues can crop up at any time. Here you will require expert assistance. F2 Technology offers you maintenance services at affordable prices without compromising on quality.

We understand that you can encounter problems at any time of the day. To serve you better we have developed a system of 24×7 customer support. By just calling our helpline you can get access to best in class solutions within minutes. Our experts will guide you to the most suitable option as per the situation.

What is our area of specialization?

An IP PBX switches the calls between the voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) users on local lines and allows them to share a definite number of external phone lines. It can switch the calls between a VoIP user and a traditional user. There are various benefits which you can get if you decide to implement this system in your business. Following is the list of some advantages which you can get.

  • It is cost saving
  • Enhances the productivity of a business
  • Allows unified numbering across sectors
  • Free calls to interconnect enterprise divisions
  • IP-PBX solutions can scale seamlessly to accommodate peak
  • call volumes, project a visible business growth

Our team has gained experience by working on several complex cases. Following are the brands in which we can provide you excellent support.

  • Panasonic telephone system support
  • Avaya telephone system Support
  • NEC telephone system support
  • Cisco telephone system support
  • Samsung telephone system support
  • Yeastar telephone system support

Our motive is to offer you services which are productive and efficient. With the help of on-site assistance, we have been able to deliver the same. F2 Technology presents you freedom from a tedious search of a service provider near your location. By booking a visit of our professionals, now you can have best in class solutions at your doorsteps as per your requirement of time and place. Following are the areas where we can assist you.

  • Installation and connection of IP PBX
  • Management of the telephone system
  • Power outage issues
  • Problems in the interconnections to other systems
  • from a location of the main system

Why should you opt us as your service provider?

Not only we offer useful solutions but also provide some benefits to our customers. For taking your satisfaction to a higher level following are the perks which we present to our user when they select us as their service partner.

  • Reliability
  • 24*7 customer support for PBX Systems
  • Transparent transactions
  • On-time delivery
  • Quality assistance
  • Advanced facilities for repair
  • Expert professionals
  • Genuine parts

If productivity, budget-friendly price quotes, and on-time delivery are your benchmarks for quality service, then contact us today as we can be your one-stop solution for all technical worries related to IP PBX. With the vast network of service, we have been able to cater needs of consumers in distinct parts of Dubai. Trust a leader and get the services which you deserve.