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Like computers, printers have also become an important machine in our daily life. Not only companies even households are using printers these days. Printers are coming at affordable rates and it is possible to print pages at a cheaper rate. Thus, most people are preferring to have printers at their home. However, at times users are experiencing issues while using their printer. As a result, it delays all their work and creates a lot of issues. Printers can suffer from various issues that remain unresolved in the absence of proper solutions.

Thus, enterprises, as well as individuals, look for printer repair services for their printer. If you are looking for a printer repair in Dubai, UAE, then we can help you.

Services We Offer for All Brands of Printers

You can connect with us if you encounter any of the following services with your printer.

  1. Printer not Printing 

Every user encounter that their printer isn’t printing for once at least. It can happen due to a number of reasons. Your printer won’t print if it fails to recognize the device you are trying to connect. It can happen due to connectivity issues both for wired and wireless connection. The printer driver installed on your PC might be outdated or incompatible with your printer. As a result, the printer can’t produce the required printing. Hence, you won’t get printed pages if the surface of the transfer roller isn’t clear.

Whatever may be the reason, we can help you with proper assistance.

  1. Printer Driver Installation

Many users find it difficult to find a compatible driver for their printer. Moreover, an incorrect driver installation will result in problems for your printer as well. Hence, you will require experts who will install proper drivers for your printer.

  1. Configuration of New Printer Setup

Most user manuals explain the printer setup process in a complicated manner. Thus, users fail to set up their new printer. If you have bought a new printer, then get in touch with us to set up the printer at your desired location. No matter what brand of printer you are using, we will help you without an issue.

  1. Printer Printing in Black Only

Some users come to us since their printer prints in black only. It mostly seems to be a cartridge issue which states that the color cartridges are empty. Thus, you must refill or replace the cartridges. If the problem persists with new cartridges, then something is wrong with the fuser roller or transfer roller of your printer.

This is where our experts can check your printer and say whether the fuser roller is defective or not. Furthermore, they will examine whether the transfer roller is in its correct position or not.

  1. Repair or Reinstallation of Printer Drivers

Printer drivers might get corrupted due to malicious programs in your PC. In such a situation, you will need to repair or reinstall these drivers. Many third-party tools are available in the market for repairing corrupted drivers but all of them are not reliable. So, you can let our experts take care of this matter.

  1. Resolving Paper Jam Issues 

Paper jam is not an uncommon issue for printer users. It occurs when prices of paper get stuck inside the paper tray. Moreover, you can face this issue while trying to print too many pages at the same time. Similarly, a paper jam occurs when you mix up sheets of different quality. You can try to solve this issue by removing pieces of paper from the paper tray. But, contact us if it seems to be a critical one.

  1. Printer Giving Faded Printouts

Users often complain that their printer gives faded prints or blank pages. Quality issues can

arise due to insufficient ink level in the cartridges. Incorrect printing settings will lead to improper printouts. You won’t get proper printouts if ink gets clogged into the printhead. Our experts know how to clean the printhead so that you can have good quality printouts.

It is recommended to have genuine cartridges for your printer. You will experience printing issues if your printer doesn’t have genuine cartridges. We can install such genuine cartridges for your printer and solve this issue.

  1. Printer Offline Issue

Your printer will show an offline status due to lack of internet connection. You can even change the network or contact your network provider to solve this issue. Make sure that both your router and the printer lie on the same network. Then, update the printer driver and check whether it changes the status of your printer or not. Finally, connect with us, for any additional help.
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When it comes to printer repair in Dubai, UAE, people choose our services over others. We have gained this trust by working in the industry for a long time. Our certified professionals rank among the skilled printer repair technicians in the UAE. We are round the clock available to offers services for all types of printers. We charge no fee if our technicians fail to identify and fix the problem in your printer.  After receiving a service request, we provide our support on the same day. You can save both your time and money by connecting with us. Therefore, call our Customer Support Number: 04-5571303 and register your service request today.

Our printer service coordinator provides the best printer service engineer in your door step service.

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Hp Printer Ink Refiling Services

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