Daily-based maintenance of your IT infrastructure can be outsourced to F2. We pay much attention to managed IT services that utilize highly effective strategies for cutting maintenance expenses and improving the operations. With our assistance, you can grow much more intensively, as we take care about supporting the workability of your computers, data exchange network and other elements of IT infrastructure and have all required resources for its upgrade and extension. While the most of in-house IT departments regard managed services as a minor routine, F2 professionals will make it their priority that guarantees maximally attentive control for proper functioning.

What is Included

By applying to our package of managed services, you can offload the maintenance of all your IT operations to our specialists. We take 24/7 responsibility for proper IT monitoring, management and troubleshooting your business IT infrastructure. Standard network and computer maintenance include:

  • Server management;
  • Security management;
  • Data storage management;
  • VPN & Network monitoring;
  • Wireless hardware management;
  • Software maintenance.

How We Perform Our Service

Managed services are provided remotely using innovative technologies for remote system monitoring. If there is a problem that requires our presence in your office, we will make a visit to perform efficient troubleshooting. We offer services for IT system relocation if you decided to move to another office. Compact, quick and smooth relocation of all your equipment will help to avoid long pauses in operation.

Constant monitoring of the system condition helps to reveal any disorders immediately and repair them maximally reducing offline time. We offer reasonable managed IT services pricing for complex maintenance. Check out the details about each service separately to get familiar with them deeper