What Are The Signs of a Plasma TV Failure?

September 12, 2019
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In this fast generation where television plays a crucial role in the daily entertainment of your life, Plasma TV has made a remarkable change in the use of it. Plasma TV is completely different from its other predecessor i.e CRT TV, Cathode Ray TV, etc. and its special features make it much more special.

The main factor which differs Plasma TV from traditional TVs is that this is a thin and flat due to which it is very much flexible. Moreover, there are certain other advantages of Plasma TV that we are going to discuss in the further section.

In spite of all these, sometimes, there are some issues that cause Plasma TV going out. If this is the case with you, then at first, we need to know about the signs so that we get to understand whether it’s time to repair or go for a new one.

If you are not a tech knowledgable person, then you can also opt for a technician’s assistance for professional TV Repair.

What is Plasma TV Tech?

Plasma TV tech came to replace the old tech that was used in traditional TVs. In the CRT TV, there was a large tube present in which an electron beam scans the face of the tube very rapidly. As a result, there are red, green and blue lights up in the face of the cathode ray tube. This eventually creates an image so that you can see it on the screen.

But, there is an advantage of using Plasma TV tech over the old one because it eliminates the need for scanning the electron beam. It utilizes a sealed cell with charged plasma for each of its pixels which in turn eliminates the need for a large cathode ray.

This is why the old CRT TVs look like a large box and plasma TVs are flat and thin.

Have a Look at the Advantages of Plasma TV:

Plasma TV has many advantages over other TVs mainly because of its built quality. The picture quality of plasma TV is far better than LCD because it has a better contrast ratio which leads it to render deep blacks.

Apart from that, it has very good color depth and its excellent motion response reduces the trailing on a fast-moving image.

You can use Blu-ray Disc, DVD Player, Gaming Console, VCR, media Streamer, etc in the Plasma TV with ease. Moreover, some Plasma TV accepts the connection from the PC.

The default sound quality of the Plasma TV is awesome and you can also include an external sound system in order to enjoy to the fullest. You can connect you Plasma TV with other components by connection cables provided with the TV.

In spite of all these advantages, there are certain factors that can affect the functioning of the TV. Some minor issues can be repaired by yourself and some need professional interference.

So, how do you know about the signs which will indicate that your TV is not working well or is it going out?

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Factors You Need to Watch Out:

Despite the day-by-day growing evolution of Plasma TV, you can face a few problems with a working Plasma TV. several symptoms are there that could indicate that your Plasma TV is beginning to fail.

We are going to discuss the factors that you need to consider while you face any problems with the television.

Problems with the Display:

The display problem is common for not only the Plasma TV but also this issue appear on every type of TVs. There are many aspects that indicate your TV is going through some Display or Screen issue.

We will discuss all the possible issue that affects the functioning of the Plasma TV display.

Screen Reflection

Plasma TV has a bad tendency to show screen reflection mainly during dark pictures on the TV display or when the light is bright. This is due to the absence of anti-reflective coatings on the screen but in recent years the manufacturers are trying to include that on the TV.

Lines and Random Colors on the Display

The previous one was a common phenomenon of Plasma TV. But, issues like vertical or horizontal lines on the screen and red, grey or blackout of the display are also common. This problem can be solved by making some changes in the picture settings. But, sometimes, this issue can cause a bigger problem that leads to permanent damage to your display.

Thus, if any of these display problems occur in your Plasma TV, then try to get in touch with an expert for immediate TV Repair services.

Plasma Screen Burn

This is one of the major problems with Plasma TV in which the TV only shows the light that repeatedly fed the still image. To understand it better, you need to know how the Plasma display works.

In Plasma TV, each pixel comprises a red, green, and blue phosphor component. The human eyes can see every color of the image due to the intensity of each phosphor component.

If there is a deterioration in the phosphor component, then the pixels on the screen get damaged. As a result, the screen burn can occur.

Apart from that, this screen burn can also occur if you keep your screen pause for a long time. In some extreme cases, the panel can be damaged permanently which is referred to as burn-in.

Phosphor Trails

Phosphor trails or Phosphor lag is another issue that some of the models of the plasma TV screen may suffer. This problem appears mainly when you watch some black and white videos or some intensive games with high graphics.

The phosphor trails appear as green flashes and it is caused if there is sudden and quick change from light to dark. If you have sensitive eyes, then it might be a problem for you.

Heating Issue

The main working principle of Plasma TV is heating the glass inside the TV panel. Hence, if you run the TV for a long duration, it may cause heat up in the overall body.

So, make sure there is enough heat ventilation facility in your TV room, otherwise, it may create a bigger problem.

Bottom Line

These are all the major signs that one really needs to consider if he faces any problems with Plasma TV. There are also other factors that may cause obstructions in the functioning of the Plasma televisions.

In case, if you ever face such issues, always consult with the experts to get effective solutions. Only reliable TV repair Dubai professionals can get you this ultimate solution.

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