Solutions if Wi-Fi on Android does not connect to the network or the internet

February 28, 2018
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Answers to solve 4 common problems and errors with wireless connection on Android

How to fix the wi-fi internet connectivity issue for android devices- On an Android device (cellular or tablet) problems of internet connection may occur when you turn on Wi-Fi, with the connection that is interrupted by itself or that continually searches for networks without being attached to any and without connecting to the internet .

Although it is difficult to make a complete case study, we see the 4 most likely causes of error regarding the Wifi connection on Android and the solution for the most frequent problems with wifi on an Android phone or tablet .

1) Question : I know for sure that there is a network but my Android phone does not see it, why?

Answer : There may be two reasons why the scan of Android networks can not find a network: the first is that you are trying to connect to an Ad-Hoc network shared by Windows, the second that the network has been hidden for reasons safety.

Most Android phones do not work with Ad-Hoc networks which, in a nutshell, are those networks created by a Windows PC when sharing internet connections.

To solve this problem there are two ways:

If you are using a PC with Windows 7 to share the wifi connection with the device, instead of creating an ad hoc connection, it is better to create a virtual wireless hotspot, which can be done either manually or by using automatic programs.

Otherwise, if you were forced to stay with the ad hoc sharing of a wireless network , you must first root the phone to obtain administrator permissions and then apply a patch to the wpa_supplicant file .

Doing a search on Google you should find the patch for the model of mobile phone or tablet used and through an application such as File Expert you can make this change easily.

Do not forget, in this case, to back up the original wpa_supplicant file so that if there are errors you can always go back.

If the problem is a hidden network , you can try to add the network manually in the settings wifi connection menu.

You need to enter the correct SSID (name), authentication type and password to connect.

2) Question : The cellular connects well in wifi but, after a while ‘time, it disconnects itself, how can I stay connected always?


Answer : The reason for this problem is related to an Android system rule so when the phone goes into standby and turns off the screen, it disconnects from the wireless network to save energy and battery.

The solution is quite simple: go to Settings> Wireless and networks> Wifi settings > press the Menu key> Advanced and tap on the option Suspend wifi that lets you decide when to automatically disconnect the network.

You can choose Never , Never when connected (when it is charging) or When the screen turns off .

If you use a battery-saving application on Android , check that you do not automatically disable wifi or other network services.

To be faster in making the choice when to suspend the connection, you can install a simple Widget on the screen called Best Wifi Keeper that allows, with a touch, to switch from always active network mode, to the always active mode when charging or deactivating when the screen is turned off.

3) Question : Android, in the wifi scan, find the network but can not get an IP address by continuing to search for it without success, why?

Reason: The reason behind this problem is hard to find uniquely but, if that network is definitely working, it could be a bug in Android .

Personally I had this experience with the cell phone that could not connect to the home network, despite having done it for a long time previously.

To solve, in the meantime restart the Wifi router and then, if it still does not work, without resetting the phone, try the Wi-fi Fixer application .

It resets the system files related to the wifi connection and resets the network card.

If possible, try also to set a Static IP address in the wireless network settings on your mobile phone.

4) Question: I can not connect to the Internet even if the Android phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network, why?

Reason:: here the reasons for the error could be so many and different.

For example, it may be that the router is not configured correctly or, more likely, that there are problems with DNS settings .

First of all, try another device if the problem is related to the network itself or is specific to your Android phone or tablet.

If the error is in the mobile phone, try setting a new DNS in the network settings.

You can change the DNS addresses on the Android smartphone by writing the ones provided by Google DNS: as primary and as secondary.

A corollary also indicate three other useful applications: Wifi analyzer or Wi-Fi Analytics to see which available network has more signal strength and Wifi Radar , to search and locate the location of access points.

Speedify to optimize the connection on Android, iPhone combining wifi and data allows you to change connection quickly on your mobile phone, switching from Wifi to data and with the ability to force the connection even with the phone on standby.

Since we are on the subject, you can also find the WPA Tester app on the Internet , to enter protected networks by discovering the password.

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