Storage / Harddisks

Huge range of storage devices from a SD CARD to Network attached storage are available with us in most renowned brands of the market.


Get the best Data Storage Devices in Dubai.

Today, data is more valuable than money for organizations. Due to this efficient data storage devices has become necessary for businesses. These equipments can record or store information in a storage medium that may be used in future whenever needed. With ample space and security features, users now depend on these storage alternatives such as memory cards, NAS, hard disk, etc. We at F2 Technology have an immense range of storage devices from an SD Card to Network attached storage. With our vast verity in brands, We will make sure that you get the best choices for your purchase.

There are four types of storage options from which you can choose as per your requirement.

  • Internal Storage Devices

These tools are present inside a computer for storing data which helps the system in accessing the input and output device and is connected to the motherboard. It can also be used to store the applications. With budget-friendly alternatives, you don’t have to search for a vendor near you for hard disks. By just making a single call you can get the device to your doorstep within minimum time.

  • External Storage Device

These equipment are connected to the devices through a cable plugged into the suitable interface such as USB interface. Once you attach an external drive to the processor, it appears as an extra drive letter on the screen, for example, K Drive, M Drive, etc.  The most significant advantage of this storage option is that it is portable. You can choose from magnetic tape, memory stick, DVD’s, CD’s, compact hard disks, etc.

  • Network Attached Security


NAS which is an abbreviation to network attached security is a hard drive or hard drives in a box that which connects to the router. The main advantage of a NAS drive is that anyone who is connected to the router for the Internet connection, either wired or wirelessly, can access this hard drive. It acts as a central, local repository for the files that need to be shared by various people which are using the same network.

  • Hard disks

A hard disk is a set of stacked disks. Each of which, like phonograph records, has data recorded electromagnetically in concentric circles or “tracks” on it. A hard disk unit comes with a rotation speed varying from 4500 rpm to 7200 rpm. The access disk time is measured in milliseconds. Although the physical location can be identified with a cylinder, track, and sector locations. The primary advantage of this storage is that it has a long lifespan. It has higher storage capacity than SSD and is available at affordable prices.

It is possible that due to lack of awareness you may not be aware of a suitable option for your system. Here, at F2 Technology, our technicians can guide you in opting the best choice which can cater to your requirements accurately. Our customer support is available on 24*7 basis. No matter what is your concern such as repair, replacement or a new purchase, we will provide you excellent services without investing much time.