Video Conferencing Endpoint: A Quality Solution

February 4, 2020
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When we talk about endpoints for videoconferencing we refer to professional devices of high technical quality. Their main purpose is to facilitate the configuration of an area used for videoconferencing, ensuring excellent results with minimum effort.

Communication within companies is fundamental, for this reason it is advisable to find reliable solutions that guarantee a clear and trouble-free interaction . In these cases, the All-in-One devices are the perfect compromise for those who want immediacy and ease of use without compromising.

The advantages of endpoints

Setting up a video conference room requires some important precautions which often vary depending on the environment and the equipment used. The best way to avoid incompatibilities and difficult configurations, however, is to choose a video conferencing endpoint that already has everything you need.

The hardware that makes up these devices is all-inclusive of some of the most important functions for a quality video conference, including: integrated WiFi connection, Full HD camera and different ports to connect monitors and other peripherals as needed. Even the software needed for management is already installed and does not require the use of a PC.

A perfect practical solution for those looking for quality and reliability without having to deal with bulky devices and cables scattered throughout the room.

Communication standards

All professional video conferencing endpoints are based on the most widely used communication standards . The main two are SIP and H.323. The first and also the most common, guarantees the scalability of the services and favors a modular architecture evolving according to how many people use the service.

The second one, on the other hand, has the peculiarity of allowing the interoperability of devices , applications and programs of different manufacturers, without running into any compatibility problems. In this case there is also a saving for the user who has free choice on the equipment he prefers to buy.

The simplest solution in a professional endpoint

A company looking for quality videoconferencing endpoints will certainly find the EZCAM-VCS-C9 system interesting. This endpoint is designed to meet all the needs of those who want a unique device, simple to use but above all reliable.

The system includes a Full HD camera with 12x zoom, HDMI ports for connecting monitors. It supports various types of microphones, in addition to the one supplied, or microphones with a 3.5 mm jack but also USB and wireless systems such as the Speak 710 Jabra.

This video conferencing system can be extended with a 1 + 3 site multi-site license . Should it be necessary to connect more than 4 locations, it is always possible to use the EzMeeting cloud service available from January 2020. Ezmeeeting is available in different versions up to 100 participants and also supports mobile, desktop devices, in addition to professional endpoints.

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